Where’s the perfect place to die? In the cemetery! No, it’s not a sinister joke! A guy, speeding in the wrong place, found his death in a cemetery.

He was following another car, driving a black 1976 Corvette. And in the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery on Mission Boulevard, San Francisco, lost control of the car and crashed into a mausoleum at 9:17 a.m., opening a pair of crypts as mourners at a nearby burial ceremony looked on in horror.

He was 52 years old and by the time he was taken in the Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley he was pronounced dead, but after the Corvette crashed the second car kept going.

It is supposed that before the accident the Corvette driver had been communicating with a man driving a black Mercedes-Benz convertible. When that car’s driver motioned that he was turning into the cemetery, which has several looping private roads, the Corvette followed. Branson said police have not had problems in the past with motorists speeding through the cemetery.

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