Street Racing in Poland

Polish Street Racers? Sounds like the beginning of a good joke. Well street racing has become no joke in the city of Lodz (pronounced “Woodge”) which has given it the reputation as the Amsterdam of street racing. The younger inhabitants of the city have taken the recent rise in personal wealth and did the only valuable thing with it, dumped it in their cars. Unfortunately most of these boy racers were no Robert Kubica, so the death toll rose with the wealth. Something had to be done.

So what does the city of Lodz do? Legalize it. Why not? After all, making it illegal would only reinforce the outlaw culture of street racing. The government even invested $20,000 in timing equipment, embracing its reputation as the car capital of Poland by hosting monthly races that draw crowds of 70,000 and counting.

Some frown on the "harm reduction" technique Lodz has taken toward criminal activities. Harm Reduction is simply the idea that people will engage in bad behavior, so you might as well attempt to reduce the amount of damage the behavior causes. Lodz has reported that statistics show illegal street racing has declined by nearly 90%.

Now the question is will it work here in the US?


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  (33) posted on 07.25.2008

Noski driftski!!!

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