We wish we had this kid’s talent. Slavche Tanevsky has created his own take on what a future Lamborghini model should look like.

Student designs Lamborghini hybrid concept
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In collaboration with Lamborghini and Audi designers as part of Lamborghini’s Raw Materials Project, Slavche Tanevsky, a student from the Munich University of Applied Sciences, has created his own take rendition of a future Lamborghini concept.

Calling it the Madura - an island in Indonesia known for its bull races - Tanevsky’s concept is his proposal for the first Lamborghini hybrid that’s scheduled to hit the streets in 2016. “Doing a car (that’s) more efficient and more nature-friendly, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be exciting, good-looking and fast,” he said.

Whereas our designing skills leave a lot to be desired, Tanevsky’s take on the future hybrid Lamborghini looks like a winner. The car’s unique appearance is a credit to the skills and talent of the student. Tanevsky created a more aggressive Lamborghini without taking anything away from the classic elements of the brand.

Photos courtesy of Slavche Tanevsky.


Source: World Car Fans

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  (406) posted on 02.14.2010

I think that it already has Lamborghini’s emblem. It is a cool design and it is something new. I do hope that it gives good mileage. Better than the older Lambos

  (708) posted on 01.13.2010

It doesn’t matter anymore whether it looks like a Lamborghini or what, the importance of changing this season will be in demand coz’ you will be left out if you will not change phase and as of the moment, I really like the design of it and it’s very unique. What’s missing on this car is the official logo of Lamborghini.

  (428) posted on 01.5.2010

great design by students, you can see how creative they are even they’re on young ages.

  (780) posted on 12.14.2009

That’s a cool design and if this design may have a push and approved by the Lamborghini company, it may have a big noise around the metro. Just a little furnishing and it will be perfect.

  (1332) posted on 12.10.2009

Interesting futuristic look for the Lamborghini concept but it doesn’t look like Lamborghini. Although that may be the idea, the images seems to look like the engine is in front of the vehicle and its design seems to be like that of a Viper.

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