If you ever find yourself wondering who the brains are behind the new Alfa Romeo Spider, you might want to try and remember these three names: Alberto Gaiani, Massimo Paparella and Michela Zedda. These three are students from the Politecnico di Milano University in Italy and they’re responsible for this stylishly sexy study of the Alfa Spider.

The study, which was done in conjunction with the Italian automaker, focuses on a completely re-tooled version of the Spider that infuses both the car’s old-school inspiration in the iconic Duetto and combines it with the previous generation Spider of the 90’s and the wedge-shaped profile it came in.

According to Samuel Codegoni, a professor at PMU who assisted the three students in their design study, "One of the main ideas that drove this project was to express a sense of tension in action"

The study looks drop-dead gorgeous, if you ask us. It’s clean, aggressive, and decidedly more cutting edge in terms of its styling cues when compared to the prior models of the same line. We don’t know if Alfa Romeo will use this design for the next Spider, but we do know that these students should be given an ’A’ for their handiwork.


Source: Virtualcar

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  (745) posted on 08.23.2010

Talented! But these are just a visualization, I don’t think it will look good when it produced.

  (205) posted on 08.3.2010

Style, elegance, passion, technology. They disappoint me in their engine or should I say performance. Ok the diesel is great, but the petrol? The acceleration? Pour stuff! This car, this legend deserves I think more than 350hp to match its design and style.

  (815) posted on 05.24.2010

I agree! The delta shaped grille and vents are the trademark of Alfa Romeo. You cannot touch it unless told by AR’s.

  (512) posted on 05.23.2010

Impressive design but still they cannot touch the delta front air intake and grille.

  (765) posted on 05.20.2010

i do this all the time.. i have drawings all over my walls and by notes for my classes have a couple cars on every page.

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