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With the announcement of the new Subaru Legacy at the Chicago Auto Show, the plucky Japanese company surprised absolutely nobody. The new sedan was less attractive than its preview concept, and the old four-speed automatic has been dumped for the new CVT. So business as usual for the last several new cars to come from Subaru.

Almost every piece of the running gear has remained exactly the same in the transition to a new generation down to the engines and even the wheelbase. If you were expecting new engines, more power or the return of a turbocharged Legacy, you were left with nothing but disappointment. If you believe the team at Car and Driver though, that is all going to change in a few years.

According to C&D’s sources, the current 3.6-liter flat-six will be dumped for a smaller six-cylinder around the mid-cycle refresh. This new engine makes sense, as Subaru is already in the process of getting rid of its older engines for newer more fuel efficient ones, and the new flat-six will see use in the upcoming Outback replacement.

While a new six-cylinder would be nice, the big news is that the new 2.0-liter turbo FA engine found in the 2015 Subaru WRX will also make its way into the engine bay.

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2015 Subaru Legacy

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The new 2015 Subaru is the latest generation of Subaru’s midsize sedan. It moves into 2015 with the same engine options we know today; a 2.5-liter flat four and a 3.6-liter flat six. The four-cylinder now makes 175 horsepower, a boost of 2 ponies. The H6 engine sees no improvement and carries on with 256 horsepower.

What has changed on the new car is a new design and the move to a CVT across every model.

Source: CarAndDriver

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