Subaru’s ’2011 Mediocrity’ marketing campaign is a hoot

In a day and age where cars are being outfitted with every technological quirk imaginable, Subaru’s new viral marketing campaign featuring the 2011 Mediocrity hearkens us back to the day when cars were more about just getting you from Point A to Point B.

Sure, there’s a ton of sarcasm oozing from the campaign, but it does remind us that there was a day and age when cars weren’t all that. Subaru even went all out with the campaign, promoting the 2011 Mediocrity as if it was the car of the future. From promo ads to spy photos, and even its own configurator, Subaru really put all their balls in one basket in promoting the 2011 Mediocrity.

Of course, the whole point of this campaign isn’t so much to promote the Mediocrity as it is to work up their new flagship sedan, the Legacy, which, in case you haven’t caught in on the whole campaign, is anything but mediocre.

There are more videos to be enjoyed after the jump so check them out.

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  (313) posted on 10.28.2010

totally insane..

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