Looks like it’s a compact two-door high-rider

Subaru will add another study to its Viziv line of concepts that it’s been parading at motor shows over the past half-decade. This latest one, the seventh in the series, is called Subaru Viziv Adrenaline, and it’s set to make its debut next month, at the 2019 Geneva motor show.

Subaru Teases Viziv Adrenaline Concept Bound for Geneva
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There is so far only one shot of the Viziv Adrenaline concept, a teaser revealing the shape and style of its daytime running lights, as well as the fact that it appears to be a two- or three-door design. It’s still a trendy crossover, but it looks a bit like a tall coupe with a dramatic nose job - heck, when I first saw the thumbnail for the teaser, to me it looked like an Aston Martin teaser because of the design of the headlights.

Ground clearance seems to be pretty good too, and the vehicle has sculpted, muscular flanks that lend it even more of a visual impact.

The shape of the windscreen is also quite unusual as its top part is really rounded and it cuts into the roof - this is definitely a design detail you don’t get to see every day.

That’s pretty much all we can gather just by looking at the latest Viziv, although its name (“Adrenaline”) suggests it is a vehicle geared towards having fun (probably both on- and) off-road. Its name also points to the fact that the car probably has a high-performance powertrain too. There’s no word on whether it previews a production model, the future styling direction for the brand, or anything else yet.

Subaru Viziv Performance Concept Exterior
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Note: 2017 Subaru Viziv Performance concept pictured here.

Previous Subaru Viziv concepts were the original 2013 Viziv concept (a sporty looking coupe SUV), then came 2014’s Viziv 2 (also a sporty looking coupe SUV), next was Viziv Future from 2015, followed by 2016’s Viziv 7 SUV, 2017’s Viziv Performance concept and 2018’s Viziv Tourer concept. So this latest one is, in essence, quite similar to the first three studies.

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