• Subaru WRX, BRZ, Levorg Receive The (Aesthetic) Magic Of STI

But does it solve the WRX’s hideous body cladding?

Subaru’s has just unveiled the WRX, BRZ, and Levorg STI Performance Concepts at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon. As the STI Performance name implies, all of these three concepts are focused on aesthetic and handling upgrades rather than outright performance.

While the "concept" name is attached to these three models, the aesthetic parts that are attached to these vehicles tend to reach production either as accessories or into a new tS (tuned by STI) variant altogether, such as the Subaru BRZ tS that eventually reached North America for the 2018 model year.

Subaru WRX, BRZ, Levorg Receive The (Aesthetic) Magic Of STI
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The first of these models is the WRX STI Performance Concept, which gains a cherry red bodykit, gloss black wheels, and a large rear wing.

First up, let’s take a look at the WRX STI Performance Concept. Badged as the WRX S4 in Japan, the STI Performance Concept still doesn’t solve the sport sedan’s sheer amount of body cladding. Still, with its cherry-red front chin, side skirts, and rear bumper extensions, the WRX now looks lower to the ground. It also comes with a large rear wing, gloss black 18-inch wheels, and black Recaro sport seats in Alcantara with red bolsters. 

Subaru WRX, BRZ, Levorg Receive The (Aesthetic) Magic Of STI
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Likewise, the Levorg comes with similar exterior upgrades as the WRX, but its wagon form and lack of body cladding is arguably the better looking of the two.

Next is the Subaru Levorg, which depending on the engine, is essentially the more handsome wagon sibling of the WRX. The Levorg STI Performance Concept also comes with a cherry red body kit that consists of a front splitter, side skirts, and rear bumper extensions. This good-looking wagon also comes with gloss black 18-inch STI wheels, stainless steel tailpipes, and a red and black leather interior.

Subaru WRX, BRZ, Levorg Receive The (Aesthetic) Magic Of STI
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Lastly, the Subaru BRZ STI Performance Concept gets the most amount of customizations as it also benefits from a strut bar under the hood for better handling

Lastly, there’s the Subaru BRZ STI Performance Concept, which is painted in Subaru’s signature World Rally Blue paint. It also comes with an extended front splitter with red accents, side skirts, and a new rear bumper with a diffuser. Even harder to miss is its large rear wing, larger exhausts, bronze STI wheels, and cherry red pinstripe at the trunk lid. 

While the Subaru BRZ STI Performance Concept does not come with performance upgrades either, its engine bay benefits from a strut bar, which should improve the car’s handling. Lastly, the interior of the BRZ STI Performance Concept has been upgraded to feature more red stitching. 

These STI Performance Concepts should serve as a preview of upcoming tS variants of all three cars. Such was the case in Japan when Subaru unveiled a tS version of the WRX STI and BRZ. Thankfully, the latter eventually arrived in North America, so here’s to hoping that history repeats itself.

Isaac Atienza
Isaac Atienza
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