It is not exactly common to see a new car unveiled with a designation such as the 2018.5 Infiniti QX30. Nevertheless, Infiniti’s new QX30 received a few changes compared with the 2018 model. Most importantly, automatic emergency braking, previously optionally available only for top two trim levels, is now a standard issue across the range.

And the range has a different ring to it. For the 2018.5 Infiniti QX30 (official Infiniti designation, mind you), trim levels were renamed, equipment shuffled, and prices went up a bit. What once was Base, Luxury, and Premium, now is Pure, Luxe and Essential. It has a better ring to it without a doubt. The only trim level that retains the old name is the Sport.

2018.5 Infiniti QX30 Pure

Subtle Update For The 2018.5 Infiniti QX30 Brings Important Safety Tech As Standard
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Apart from the different naming structure of the trim levels of the 2018.5 Infiniti QX30 (FYI - a car based on the old gen of the A-class), Infiniti made certain changes for each of them. First of all, the entry-level car with Pure trim remained largely unchanged, apart from the automatic emergency braking obviously. Entry level price for the Infiniti QX30 remained the same at $30,945.

2018.5 Infiniti QX30 Luxe

Subtle Update For The 2018.5 Infiniti QX30 Brings Important Safety Tech As Standard
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This one became a bit more expensive. A bit equals to 200 bucks, but you also get a standard panoramic roof with it. As the panoramic roof itself costs far more than $200, Infiniti had to make cuts elsewhere. Leather upholstery is out. Leatherette - in. Price for the 2018.5 Infiniti QX30 Luxe starts at $33,795.

2018.5 Infiniti QX30 Essential

Subtle Update For The 2018.5 Infiniti QX30 Brings Important Safety Tech As Standard
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With Essential and Sport we are slowly approaching the top end. Both versions - Essential and Sport, got a price hike of $1,400. They sell for $37,695 and $40,895 respectively. As is the case with the Luxe, more money equals more gizmos. QX30 Essential gained a standard satellite navigation system, with a built-in surround view monitor. Sport version, it seems, did not get any updates.The most expensive 2018.5 Infiniti QX30 is actually an Essential trimmed model with an all-wheel-drive system (navigation is standard for this one too) starting at $41,195.

As the final piece of the .5 update, Infiniti offered the City Black Theme package. Available for the 2018.5 Infiniti QX30 Sport, City Theme Package introduces us to suede and synthetic leather upholstery, leather dash and door trim, purple stitching, and 19-inch wheels. This option costs $1,450.

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