After his furious Las Vegas Touran, Carlos Correia has built up his next multimedia highlight, the Sunshine Eos. Not only its spectacular technical equipment is impressive, the harmonious lines of its silhouette are as well. Thanks to Eibach’s uniquely designed suspension solution the car seems veritably to crouch on the tarmac. In this case, the engineers have proven again that they can also fulfil very specific demands.

Because of the greater weight of Alpine’s extensive Hi-Fi and video components, a unique solution had to be created for Carlos Correia. For this reason, the Eibach suspension engineers chose a Pro-Street-S Stainless Coil-Over Suspension System which they retrofitted with Eibach springs from the Passat 3C station wagon on the rear axle.

Though, it is not only the appearance which profits from the Eibach products. The tremendous increased performance 2.0 TDI Eos with its 245 hp and 520 Nm also demands high dynamic qualities from the suspension. Not at all easy, when you consider that the power is transmitted only to the front axle. However, even under such conditions the Pro-Street-S Stainless Coil-Over Suspension System ensures exemplary traction and sporty cornering. Thus, the creators of the Sunshine Eos have not only hit the right note in regards to the sound.

For the standard production VW Eos, Eibach can supply: Pro-Kit Performance Springs, Anti-Roll-Kit Performance Stabilizer Bars and Pro-Spacer Aluminum-Wheel-Spacers.

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