With the 41st Tokyo Motor Show just around the corner, opening it’s doors on October 24 in Chiba City, many of the concepts and super cars that will headline the show have already been announced; however there are still a few hidden gems that remain to be uncovered. The Supasse V just so happens to be one of them. This compact Japanese sports car has the footprint of a Lotus Elise and the super car styling of a Ferrari Enzo. The pocket rocket weighs in at only 850 kilograms and is powered by a mid mounted turbocharged 2.3 Liter DISI MazdaSpeed3 derived four cylinder that makes a maximum output of 272 HP, giving the Supasse V a power to weight ratio of 6.8 lbs/HP.

Supasse V
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The exterior of the Supasse V follows the familiar super car guidelines of abnormally hinged doors, blistered fenders, a curvaceous cowl as well as more vents and air scoops than are necessary on a jet fighter; all finished off by a streamlined oversized rear wing. The manufacturer went for true super car style and from the side you can see that the Supasse’s front half was inspired by the almost bubbly bodywork of the McLaren F1 while the cutaway rear end appears to have come from the more exotic Pagani Zonda; both being excellent super car sources from which to draw inspiration.

Supasse V
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Unfortunately prices for the compact super car have yet to be announced as well as whether or not it will go on sale to the general public, either way, the Supasse would make for an excellent and economical sports car option in today’s tough economic market. The lightweight nature would not only make the V agile and fun to drive but it will also reduce emissions and increase the small sports car’s fuel economy at the same time.


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Naterade22  (238) posted on 10.13.2009

Not a big fan of the look, for the size of the car. Lotus makes this size car look a lot nicer

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