The commercial is meant to promote the Optima, in case the teaser wasn’t clear about it

With Super Bowl 50 just eight days away, we’re slowly getting to see some teaser spots for some of the commercials that will air during the game. One of the first teasers that have arrived is Kia’s commercial, featuring legendary actor Christopher Walken. The title of the add is “Walken Closet” - nice pun there, Kia - and just as the title implies, it features a man who goes into his walk-in closet to look for his socks. The only problem is that he instead finds Walken, sitting like a boss in one of those Godfather-like chairs, holding the pair of socks the man was looking for.

Here’s the thing about this ad: there was no mention of Kia or any of its models in it other than at the end where we find out that the ad will be promoting the all-new Kia Optima. The company did say that part of the ad’s objective is to showcase the Optima as a “vibrant alternative for those determined not to blend in”. Considering how that walk-in closet is literally full of suits of the same colors, I’d venture a guess that the man in the ad is the anti-thesis of the kind of consumer Kia is targeting with the Optima.

In any event, the treatment of the teaser offers a unique way of teasing the ad without showing the actual car. It’s an age-old ad strategy mean to drive up the curiosity level a little bit higher and, for what it’s worth, it works. I personally want to see what the commercial is going to look like in full form. Oh, and that whole idea of Christopher Walken sitting inside a walk-in closet? That was pretty funny too.

2016 Kia Optima

2016 Kia Optima
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