Super Bowl Ad: Skeptics of the Cadillac ATS can go to [Green] Hell!

Cadillac’s reinvention as a brand that has set its sights on its German rivals hasn’t gone unnoticed in these pages. But if there are still those that doubt Caddy’s new direction and the aggressive manner in which they’re pursuing it, well, the American automaker has a nice little message for you that it’s showing through their new Super Bowl ad.

One of Caddy’s new models is the all-new ATS sedan, a car that it painstakingly built from the ground up to be the kind of model that can bring the fight to its German counterparts, particularly that of the BMW 3-Series. Cadillac is not one to shy away from a boast too, and they do that every time chance they get with the ATS and the fact that the car’s dynamics and development were honed and fine-tuned in one of the world’s most demanding testing grounds, the Nurburgring, or as it’s affectionately called, the "Green Hell."

In the commercial, Cadillac puts one and one together, highlighting the ATS sedan and the fact that it’s got some Green Hell initiation to be proud of. And if there’s anyone that will tell you Caddy can’t beat the BMWs of the world?

Well, they have a short reply for that: "Go to [Green] Hell."


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  (3) posted on 08.17.2012

I’m looking forward to the new CTS-V, I’m hoping that it has AWD,Twin Turbos and Direct Injection. Considering the cars "perfectness" this would make it God like,LoL. But seriously, they wouldn’t even have to up the BHP if they made these enhancements, but that would be nice. I’m hoping the same for the ATS-V, if it doesn’t come out with the AWD, Twin Turbos or Direct Injection I know the CTS-V won’t have it either, here’s hoping.

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