Super Bowl Ad: The Chevrolet Sonic has already done stunts we can only dream of doing

Most of us spend a lifetime trying to do some of the most breathtaking activities in this world. The Chevrolet Sonic managed to do all of those things in a span of a minute.

Editing notwithstanding, Chevrolet’s new Super Bowl commercial for the Sonic reads like a bucket list for a lot of people. There’s the sight of the Sonic doing a kick flip skateboard trick with Rob Dyrdek. The Sonic also went bungee jumping, sky diving, and yes, even star in a music video with OK GO. The only thing it didn’t do was get strapped into a spaceship and fly - literally - out of this world, which it probably could’ve done if Chevy had a bigger budget for this ad.

The whole idea behind this ad is to live life with no limits, something the Sonic exudes in its tiny compact frame.

It doesn’t come with the comedy of Audi and Hyundai, although when you look at the inspiration scale, Chevy’s Super Bowl commercial for the Sonic is right at the top of that.


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  (777) posted on 02.1.2012

Wow it’s an astonishing video to have. The Sonic proves that the adventures we expect to be more than driving. The dream to have a best car as your total best friend who joins you in your trip and adrenalin rushing activities like bungee jumping, sky diving, skateboarding and even playing music. This is a new dimension for the cars. I salute Chevrolet for showing what’s beyond on having a Sonic.

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