Super Bowl Ad: Vampires are no match for the Audi S7’s LED headlights

We all know that vampires have many perceived weaknesses. There’s garlic, crucifixes, and apparently, you can add the Audi S7’s LED headlights to that list.

Audi’s highly-anticipated S7 commercial has finally been revealed and we’ll be the first to tell you that the wait and anticipation was definitely worth it. In what could be this year’s version of "Little Darth Vader", Audi went to a popular pop culture subject these days, featuring vampires in the Twilight mold for the commercial.

One of the vampires is bringing a bag full of blood to a camp party - that’s their version of beer! - while driving an Audi S7. As soon as he gets to the site, all the vamps looking in the direction of the S7 were instantly incinerated by the luxury car’s ridiculously bright LED headlights. Heck, even the clueless driver who was wondering where his buddies went, fell to looking at the S7 and getting fried to bits himself.

Pretty hilarious commercial and an early contender for the best auto ad for this year’s Superbowl.

Check it out!


Source: Audi

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  (434) posted on 05.14.2012

It’s sort of unfunny to me; these headlights may be as bright, but they are NOT the sunlight.

  (427) posted on 04.19.2012

Cool! It’s not that funny but it’s creative, yet I’ve seen how much brilliance the headlights can give off.

  (306) posted on 03.28.2012

Funny. smiley This won’t be very ideal to use in Twilight movies then, LOL.

  (530) posted on 03.6.2012

The commercial is witty! Although it’s humorous, you can surely tell what message it relays. Audi’s LED head lights are as bright as the sun, that is truly brilliant during night time driving.

  (776) posted on 02.1.2012

This advertisement is creative enough on showing how bright their headlight was. The use of the vampires in these commercials is funny at first, but behind idea of this was the Audi S7’s headlight. It was as bright as the daylight in homes. It will be perfect on far location and remote areas that electricity for lighting is not available.

  (501) posted on 01.30.2012

Nice ads for Audi S7’s LED headlight. It’s a funny commercial but honestly, the headlights are great!

pdaix  (434) posted on 01.29.2012

Funny that Audi choose to play on the A7 LED while many publication have been complaining that the expensive LED option is actually less bright than the ’regular’ xenon headlamps...

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