It seems that almost every year Danica Patrick and GoDaddy are making waves for a controversial ad that usually involves scantily clad women, but this year, not only does Danica get to keep her clothes on, she only makes a brief appearance in the spot. Titled “Journey Home,” the ad pitches the ability for anyone to create a GoDaddy website to peddle their wares.

The only problem is that this particular example involves a couple selling cute, little puppy through their website, which has a lot of people up in arms over the inhumane nature of puppy mills. is reporting that after previewing the spot just yesterday, the massive negative response forced GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving to pull the commercial from the Super Bowl. In a blog post titled “We’re listening, message received,” Irving said that the responses were “emotional and direct” leading to commercial being pulled.

As proof that negative publicity is still publicity nonetheless, NASCAR’s website points out that the same dog, Buddy, is the face of a current contest that allows people to submit pictures of their dogs, and 334 dog photos will be chosen to grace the body of Danica’s race car on April 11 at the Texas Motor Speedway.

If you’re looking for more of a lighthearted Super Bowl ad relating to puppies, be sure to check out Budweiser’s “Lost Dog” commercial.



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