The vehicle in question is an eight-wheel-drive beast from Russian automaker Avtoros

Supercar Blondie is known to review supercars primarily, but this time, she’s gotten hold of something completely different. Filmed on a beach in the UAE, she laid her hands on an amphibious beast known as Avtoros Shaman 8x8. The Shaman 8x8 is a monster in terms of size and has some pretty large wheels and tires. The best part about the Shaman 8x8 is that you can take it for a swim in the ocean if you’re bored with roads. If this was part of GTA: Vice City, it would be the only car that didn’t need the “SEAWAYS” cheat code to swim in water!

Why Buy A Wrangler or Bronco When You Can Buy This?

The fun video shows the in and out of the vehicle and how it can be maneuvered on the tarmac, sand, and water, of course.

The Shaman 8x8 makes use of a propeller that needs to be attached to the back of the vehicle whenever you take it to the waters.

Inside the truck, the driver sits right in the middle in the front and the passengers behind on bench seats. But, this isn’t the only option offered by the Russian automaker. The Shaman 8x8 can also be had in a “Tourist” setup that comes with captain chairs one behind the other.

Supercar Blondie Took a Break From Supercars To Hit The Beach In Something Unique
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Powering the Shaman 8x8 is actually a rather sedate four-cylinder diesel engine that makes just 146 ponies. Power is sent to the wheels via a six-speed manual transmission and a two-speed transfer case.

It comes with various drive modes as well, including a crab mode that allows the vehicle to drive sideways and another mode wherein the front and rear wheel interlock in different directions to make this turning radius shorter.

Supercar Blondie Took a Break From Supercars To Hit The Beach In Something Unique
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Speaking of the dimensions, the truck is 248 inches long (6,300 mm), 98.4 inches wide (2,500 mm), and 106.3 inches tall (2,700 mm). The wheelbase measures 76.8 inches (1,950 mm) and the ground clearance is rated at 17.7 inches (450 mm). Top speed on the road is rated at 44 mph whereas the maximum speed in water is 4.3 mph. It has a fuel tank capacity of 68.68 gallons.

Shaman 8x8 specifications
Engine four-cylinder diesel
Horsepower 146 HP
Length 248 inches (6,300 mm)
Width 98.4 inches (2,500 mm)
Height 106.3 inches (2,700 mm)
Wheelbase 76.8 inches (1,950 mm)
Ground clearance 17.7 inches (450 mm)
Top Speed (ground) 44 mph
Top Speed (water) 4.3 mph
Fuel tank capacity 68.68 gallons

Final Thoughts

Supercar Blondie Took a Break From Supercars To Hit The Beach In Something Unique
- image 940095

Supercar Blondie says the car costs around $200,000, which is quite reasonable for a vehicle of this magnitude. Avtoros’ site, however, lists the starting price to be €198,000, which is $233,750 as per the current exchange rates.

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