• Superformance Donates Its MKII Shelby 289 Slab Side To Charity

This 1962 model will be auctioned and proceeds will go towards the educational needs of underprivileged students

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Superformance is known to create some classic builds that are priced like crazy, but the company has gone generous with one of their builds – the 1962 MKII Shelby 289 Slab Side. Superformance has donated the car to Petersen Automotive Museum for its upcoming digital gala that’s set to take place on September 26. The car is officially licensed by Shelby and built aesthetically and dimensionally correct to the original289 Cobras of the early 1960s. The only difference here is that the Superformance builds have modern-day mods complementing the classic styling. Isn’t that a win-win situation?

What Makes The Superformance MKII Shelby 289 Slab Side Special?

Superformance Donates Its MKII Shelby 289 Slab Side To Charity Exterior
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The Superformance MKII 289 Slab Side is modeled after the original 1962 model and is even officially licensed by Shelby. This particular build is finished in the stunning Guardsmen Blue paint scheme that’s reminiscent to the famous Shelby Cobras from the history. Chrome bumpers are equipped at the front and back. A brass windshield is also in place and is nickel-plated and chromed to match with the overall aura of this beauty. Superformance went to the extent of replicating the hood latches, headlights, turn signals, and the original style aluminum grille to complete make sure the car looks authentic and not a rip-off. To wrap it all off on the outside, the company equipped it with silver wire wheels that are period-specific and complement the blue shade extremely well.

Superformance Donates Its MKII Shelby 289 Slab Side To Charity Interior
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On the inside, the car comes with a leather-wrapped dash that accommodates Stewart Warner gauges that were manufactured brand-new and built-to-size for this model.

They are also placed in the same location as the original model. The steering wheel is a wood-rimmed Mota Lita unit that will make sure you stay in nostalgia all the while when you’re driving it. The other neat touches include chrome carriage-style door catches, a lined glove box, and chrome grab handles.

What’s Under The Hood?

Superformance Donates Its MKII Shelby 289 Slab Side To Charity Drivetrain
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This classic example is powered by a 289 motor, which, interestingly, was first introduced in April 1963 by Ford – a year after this supposed 1962 model was developed. This small-block engine replaced the 260 motor as the base V-8 in full-sized Fords. Anyway, in this build, it makes 388 horses. Power is sent to the wheels via a modern five-speed Tremec TKO manual gearbox. Engine cooling is controlled by thermostatically controlled electric fans behind an aluminum radiator with a period-correct Harrison water expansion tank.

This MKII Shelby 289 Slab Side is built on the successful Tojeiro-styled round-tube chassis.

For the suspension system, Superformance has equipped it with an authentic transverse leaf spring suspension to give the 1962 vibes while driving. As for the braking, four-piston Wilwood disc brakes take care of that.

What They Had To Say?

Superformance Donates Its MKII Shelby 289 Slab Side To Charity Exterior
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Superformance’s CEO, Lance Stander, said, “Shelby’s 289 Slab Side is the car credited with starting the muscle car era back in 1962,”. “The MKII 289 Slab Side is a true gentlemen’s car. This Cobra is pure in every detail without being a screaming track car, yet it sounds and handles like one. This was a fun project for our team at Superformance, and we’re confident that our 289 Slab Side lives up to the iconic Cobra legacy.”

Final Thoughts

Superformance Donates Its MKII Shelby 289 Slab Side To Charity Exterior
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Superformance has donated this car to the Petersen Automotive Museum’s gala, where it will be auctioned by Bring-a-Trailer on September 26.

Apart from this, the auction will also feature a fully restored 1961 MGA Outlaw, once-in-a-lifetime driving experience with driver Bruce Canepa in a Porsche 935, and a six-night stay at a Scottish castle where the winner will be served by a private chef and full staff. Proceeds of this auction will go to The Petersen Automotive Museum Foundation, where underprivileged students in the Los Angeles community are provided educational programming. A very noble initiative supported by various good Samaritans.

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