• Supras Collide as Supercar Blondie Pits The 2020 A90 Supra Against Its A80 Older Brother

Two Supras from different eras in the same place is a treat for all of us

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For as long as the new Toyota Supra A90 is around, it will always be compared to its predecessors, most notably the Supra Mk4 A80 that was discontinued back in 2002. It’s a weight the current Supra will have to carry for a long time, in part due to the iconic status the Supra A80 in recent years.

Is it fair to compare both cars against each other? Probably not, but that comes with the territory of being a legacy nameplate. So, what do you do when you have a Toyota Supra A90 and a Toyota Supra A80 in the same place, at the same time? Outside of doing the obvious comparison test between the two cars, the only thing you can do is race them. Against each other.

YouTube personality Supercar Blondie recently got the chance to do just that in Dubai, and while we won’t spoil the results here in this space, we can at least say that the race wasn’t so much of an actual race, but more a celebration of just having two Supras from different eras lined up next to each other.

We’ve seen a fair bit of video reviews of the Toyota Supra A90 and there is something to be said that a lot of them talk about the same things about the car.

Supercar Blondie spends the first few minutes of her video talking about a lot of the same things. From the fake vents to the Supra’s customization potential, we already know a lot of these things about Toyota’s new sports car.

What makes this video particularly interesting starts at around the 5:00-minute mark when another Supercar Blondie — there are two of them! — shows up in a 1998 Toyota Supra A80, otherwise known as the Supra Mk4


Supras Collide as Supercar Blondie Pits The 2020 A90 Supra Against Its A80 Older Brother
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This particular Supra has celebrity provenance attached to it, though more on that later. What makes this Supra A80 unique is how new it still looks despite being a 22-year old sports car. Obviously, it’s been under its fair share of aftermarket tuning knives, but for the most part, a lot of what makes this Supra special is still in its proper place, including the legendary 2JZ engine that does not come with an aftermarket increase in power despite its stature as one of the most customizable engines in the world.

This sets up an interesting race between the two Supras. On one end, the A80 Supra’s 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six engine produces 325 horsepower.

Remember, this is a 22-year old car that produces almost the same amount of power as the A90 Supra’s BMW-sourced, 335-horsepower engine.

If you look at those numbers in a vacuum, the race between these two cars should be close, right?

Supras Collide as Supercar Blondie Pits The 2020 A90 Supra Against Its A80 Older Brother
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Well, it isn’t. See, despite having similarly sized engines that produce roughly the same amount of power, the Supra A90 has several advantages, not the least of which is an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission that played a big role in getting the Supra A90 off the ground a lot faster than its A80 counterpart. From there, technology wins out as the A90 Supra wins the race without breaking a sweat.

While the race wasn’t as competitive as some people might have expected, it really wasn’t the point of the entire episode. It doesn’t happen as much so when there’s an opportunity to line up the Toyota Supra A90 with its legendary ancestor in whatever form or fashion, that’s enough reason to watch the video. It’s even better, I think, if said ancestor also happens to have Will Smith’s signature on the giant rear wing.

Source: YouTube - Supercar Blondie

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