Gone are the days when Ferrari and Lamborghini topped lists like this

A recent survey conducted by marketing agency Digital Third Coast and automotive products company Golden Eagle revealed the average car tastes of most Americans. The survey had some predictable results, most notably the Ford Mustang staking claim as the often-stated “dream car” among most Americans. Surprisingly, though, Tesla came in second, followed by a Jeep, a Corvette, and a Camaro.

The sample size of the survey is small - only 2,000 Americans participated - relative to the study’s topic, but it did paint a seemingly accurate picture of the car tastes of most Americans. It’s not surprising that baby boomers still long to own a Chevrolet Corvette while Gen-Xer’s are still captivated by the mystique of the Chevrolet Camaro. For their part, millennials identified Tesla as their dream cars, an understandable answer considering that they’re literally coming into adulthood at the same time as Tesla is coming into its own as a legitimate automaker.

The survey also revealed that Tesla has a foothold in the Northwest, Southwest, and Pacific as the dream car among Americans living in those regions. The Mustang is well-represented by folks in the Midwest and Southeast while those living in the Mountain regions surprisingly identified the Range Rover over any kind of Jeep as their dream cars.

Tesla continues to pop up at various times in the survey, but there is a good bit of irony in the revelation that most people who identified themselves as “not knowledgeable” about cars chose the electric car maker as their dream car. It’s likely that they identify Teslas, whether it’s the Model S, Model X, or Model 3, as the cars of the future, in large part because of the company’s status as a pioneer in electrification and autonomous driving technology. These people are less captivated by the mechanical and technical intricacies of a car as they are about the possibility of going to work while the car drives them there autonomously.

On the flip side, those who identified themselves as “car experts” chose the Mustang as their dream car. Hardly a surprise there, either.


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Source: Gold Eagle

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