Concept cars are supposed to be premium examples of what a car brands future would look like so you’d probably expect that these manufacturers woulsd treat them with a little more respect. With Suzuki, that apparently is not the case.

The Japanese brand that gave us the ultra-chic Suzuki Kizashi has relegated their beloved concept vehicles to the scrap heap. And that’s not a figurative expression for anything; we’re talking about a real dump site comprised mostly of wrecked pieces of twisted metal.

While the location of the said lot remains a mystery, images of those concept Kizashis stacked one on top of the other has us cringing and shaking our heads. What a waste, right?

We figured that if Suzuki went through great lengths to have the car showcased, they could have at least given it a proper send-off, not throw it to the proverbial chopping block that is an incinerator.

Maybe that’s just how Suzuki rolls.

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Source: 7Tune

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