Suzuki is launching its new MR Wagon on January 30 in Japan. The car is based on the Mom’s Personal Wagon concept seen at the Tokyo Motor Show last year. The design concept is based on a mother’s transportation needs.

Eight exterior colours include pink and cyan. The interior consists of bright surfaces and lots of storage areas to store smaller items such as a bottle of milk, snacks or cosmetics. The new 660cc city car is available in either 2WD or 4WD.

A one-touch central lock opens the doors and also starts the engine. The small engine size means that the MR Wagon is unlikely to feature in Suzuki’s European line-up.

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  (6021) posted on 06.7.2006

the reason why we can’t have cars like these in america is ::safety.... yeaah right and because gm and the big three don’t wanna compete because theycan’t ...or just refuse to...anyway the lobby money spent in washington is less than newer inovative designs’s safer than riding a harley in a t shirt ..and we’re still free to do that .....kill the atorneys shoot the insurace companys and scare the legislaors and maybe some day we’ll truely be free to make a rational decision> don’t like japanese cars wait till you have chinese disposable onesdrive it to work and just toss it in the dumpster and buy another for the ride home

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