• Suzuki offers free gas for the duration of summer

When you’re struggling to make your cars more appealing to the consumer base, you try to figure out any and whatever kind of promotion you can to make your brand more attractive.

For a car manufacturer like Suzuki who has seen their sales figures drop like swatted flies, the promotions have come in droves. There was the zero-percent financing, the customer cash-back, the military service incentives, graduate incentives, and owner loyalty incentives.

Now we have Suzuki’s latest promotion: free gas.

All you need to do to avail of the free gas is buy a Suzuki car. Simple enough, right?

The choice-of-vehicles include a 2009 Suzuki SX4 sedan or an SX4 crossover. Upon buying any of these two cars, you will be given a prepaid debit card valued at $270 for the SX4 sedan and $290 for the crossover version, which you can use at any gas station until August 31.

While Suzuki has rolled out a myriad of promotions – and as we’ve mentioned, there have been a lot – they weren’t the first auto maker to come up with the free gas promo. The gas incentive was actually started by Hyundai a few weeks ago when they unveiled a new program called the Hyundai Assurance Gas Lock, which locks in gas prices for people who buy or lease a number of Hyundai models at just $1.49 a gallon for one year.

Suzuki’s promotion, while not as lavish as that of Hyundai considering that the latter’s promo rounds out to about $1,000 for a year, is still something worth considering because of the rising price of gas that’s affecting the auto industry as much as any other factor.

We’re actually thrilled that these car makers are thinking of out-of-the-box promotions to get their brands pumping again. Before you know it, we might be able to see more exciting promotions and benefits designed to get the consumers thinking about making their next car purchase.

Source: Suzuki Auto

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  (289) posted on 07.6.2009

Nowadays, getting a good promotion is the best way to save and help other companies to survice the recession. If people will continue buying, most companies in the end will earn despite their big losses. Getting a good buy this summer means getting a good chance of getting the stuff that you like, especially if you have some extra money for the downpayment

  (318) posted on 07.6.2009

Free gas or zero interest rates, what is important is you buy wisely...and know your spending well in order to pay for all your bills in the future...a feul efficient car, with free gas, comfortable, have standard safety features is a good buy these days.

  (314) posted on 07.6.2009

I appreaciate this kind of promotion alot. For one reason it give more reason for tight budgeted individuals to consider buying a car. Although there are alot of good offers this summer, one must be very practical and wise in choosing the right offer if he is really into buying a car this summer.

  (421) posted on 07.6.2009

Well if you need a new car, you are tight with budget, and not that eyeing the superbrandsm then this is very practical for you. These gas offer ofcourse gives you the chance to save while for your car loan and that is not bad if all need if a good comfy and useful car, then Suzuki is the answer to your problem.

  (182) posted on 07.6.2009

Let me help you grandprix, I think that Hyundai’s offer is a lot more better. You could save more money. Hyundai’s $1.49 a gallon for one year is a lot better than Suzuki’s prepaid debit card valued at $270 for the SX4 sedan and $290 for the crossover version is better. Do your mental calculations, now.

  (182) posted on 07.6.2009

It’s a good thing that a friend of mine is buying a new car. must spread the good news and must think hard whether the hyundai or suzuki’s offer is better because both of them looks enticing.

  (177) posted on 07.6.2009

I’m not really thrilled with these exciting offers. I’m not planning to buy a new car, like Hyundai and Suzuki, because I’m happy with what I have now. So it makes me worry about gas prices in the next couple of months, or next year.

  (180) posted on 07.6.2009

I’m not sure if Suzuki cars are worth the risk for the sake of having free gas until the end of summer. The latest Suzuki SX4 sedan is not flashy at all. I had the opportunity to drive it two months ago and noticeably its engine is not that smooth and refined. But could probably serve as a good bump car for drivers who has just started hitting the road.

  (183) posted on 07.6.2009

I guess this is a lot better than the gas discount offer I’ve read in Topspeed two days ago. But one comment there got me thinking that instead of these offers, car companies would sound more appealing if they invest in energy saving devices for their cars. In this way, we save gas for a long term way.

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