If watching police car chases has taught us anything, it’s that a lot of them end spectacularly, with some even taking a deadlier route towards justice.

This recent car chase in Sweden involving a fleeing suspect on-board an Audi gets a lot more than he bargained for when the Swedish police in their Volvo wagon takes to apprehending him to new heights ramming the Audi into the side of the road before flipping it over and trampling all over it with the suspect, as we suspect – no pun intended, trapped underneath the pile of metal.

Just goes to show you that Swedish cops don’t mess around in apprehending and capturing the crooks.


Source: The Car Lounge

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  (221) posted on 08.25.2010

Now that fugitive can’t get away, this police really know how to catch bad guys.

  (367) posted on 08.19.2010

Hahaha, wicked police cars. No outlaw would want to use the roads now because of this police cars.

  (325) posted on 02.15.2010

Movie represents how tough the volvo are, so never mess with it, volvo didn’t even received a major crash on front.

  (859) posted on 02.2.2010

I think they are playing tag. Lol. Anyways, at least the cops caught the criminals, except for they maybe hurt. Considering how the cop truck lands on an upside down car, there surely are serious injuries...

  (571) posted on 01.20.2010

It’s like a picture of two animated-cars that wrestle each other. Or maybe two rooster going at it. Police didn’t lose anything here. It is the Audi who lost a lot, including is peaceful life.

  (808) posted on 01.10.2010

Maybe the Volvo said to that Audi car, "Don’t you mess with me baby" and the Audi seems too picky so the Volvo kinda pissed up with that and slammed that precious car. Anyways for the criminal on the road, if you’re using a luxury car, use the ones that have the best speed that a Volvo can’t chase.

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