For the ones who didn’t knew, a car is unnable to swim because he wasn’t teached to swim. Not yet! I am not joking with you! I really don’t! But they should consider making a car swim...

Why I am saying this? Well because a 72-years man thought his Jag will do it and decided to make it a litlle bath! Maybe he didn’t meant to, but he lost the control over his car which flew into a backyard swimming pool in Sydney. The owner of the pool had to save both him and his wife.

"I hug him and I told him, ’Thank you very much, you were great,’’’ said 72-year-old retiree Peter Kariatlis, whose Jaguar XJ8 left a road, clipped the kerb, smashed through a fence, flew over a rock ledge and sliced through a palm tree before splashing into Steve Flecknoe’s backyard swimming pool about 11pm yesterday.

The car is expected to be lifted from the pool by a crane this afternoon, but Mr Kariatlis said it is probably not salvageable.


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  (6023) posted on 10.4.2006

I do not want to be mean but a 72 old-man should be home reading a book, not driving a Jag... and this is whysmiley

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