And it charges in just an hour, too

Electric motorcycles aren’t anything new, but a Students over at the University of Zurich have seemingly accomplished designing a bike that offers up 250 miles of range and a fast-charging system that can top off the battery in just one hour. Its name? The Ethec.

250-Mile, Electric Ethec

First off, keep in mind that this is a one-off bike designed by students, so do go running out to your local motorcycle shop hoping to find one – it’s just not going to happen. On the other hand, it’s also quite futuristic so it may not be all that desirable with a good portion of the motorcycle-riding world. Be that as it may, it proves that long-range electric bikes are possible and maybe even feasible. It was created thanks to a school project that challenged students to experience every step of product development. In the end, it looks like things turned out pretty well, don’t you think?

As far as specs go, there’s not a lot to go by. But, we do know that it has a 15 kWh lithium-ion battery, and the front wheel recuperates energy during braking. There’s also a thermoelectric cooling system for the electric motor, and this baby even has a seven-inch touchscreen with navigation and keyless start. It’s built on a lightweight tube frame and even has a proper swingarm.

Swiss Students Design an E-Bike That's Capable of Amazing Range
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For now, it’s just a one-off, but this design could eventually turn into a production model at some point. These students could even spin-off their own little startup if they really wanted to. They obviously have the talent and know-how. At the very least, it could lead to a number of other electric bikes with more traditional looks or even more futuristic looks if that’s what you’re into. For now, go ahead and check the gallery below for a better look and don’t forget about the video up top.

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