Some designers are really good at making concept car renditions using only their imaginations. These creative minds are one of our favorite types of people because they can actually create something that the less creative types – like us – can’t do.

Idries Noah is one of those people who can put their thoughts on paper and create concept car studies that just make us salivate at the thought of seeing it out on the road one of these days.

Noah’s latest work of art is called the Taasiya T2 Concept, a mid-engine hybrid supercar that comes with a 3.5-liter V6 hybrid engine mated to two electric motors with about 350kW of power and a 0-62 mph time of just four seconds.

Beyond the impressive engine output, what really caught our attention with the Taasiya T2 Concept was the aggressive styling and design that would put all other concept studies to shame. Speaking of shame, it would be just that if this car doesn’t get past being just a concept study from a talented designer.

Some automaker should call Mr. Noah and have him work for them. Really.


Source: IDI3D

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  (528) posted on 03.30.2011

Confessedly, I love the LED technology for the headlights but for the front it kind of exaggerated. However, the other part of the exterior looks awesome.

  (211) posted on 03.25.2011

I don’t like the look of this car, especially the front through that eagle eyed headlights are kind of aggressive! And those rear skirts adds up to the sexiness of the car. 

  (412) posted on 03.11.2011

yeah, it look so aggressive. The shape of the rear skirt make this car a sexier.
I just find the bonnet is too large. And I think the front look incredibly awesome that it doesn’t support the simplicity of the wheel.

  (1211) posted on 02.7.2011

Yes, that’s right. The Aesthetics 125 of the Mercedes Benz where incredible. With the design of Mr. Noah its great! I can see the aggressive look and styling of Taasiya. I bet it wouldn’t be just a concept car!

  (797) posted on 02.7.2011

Lot of automakers like Mercedes Benz done that..After coming up with their latest edition they actually starting to create and form a new design for their upcoming cars. That’s why aesthetics where coming.

  (473) posted on 02.3.2011

However, I included pictures of all the cars I saw at the link provided. But, it was difficult at times to wiggle my way around the busy crowd for good shots.

  (445) posted on 02.3.2011

Was at the Seoul Motor Show for the last two days. Had I have known that there were pictures of the T2X wanted I would have snapped more.

  (1332) posted on 12.15.2010

no no no it looks scarry not cute... I hope it can perform well on the road when they release it on ma

  (808) posted on 12.14.2010

well i can’t judge it until it reaches the prototype. but I agree with everybody it looks nice and aggressive.

  (806) posted on 12.14.2010

I love the rear, Head lamps and of course the Side air vents, for sure it needs a lot of air for the heated engine.

  (765) posted on 12.13.2010

agree but i really love it when it comes into black matte..

  (555) posted on 12.13.2010

oh that was a nice looking headlamps. i wonder what kind of materials did they used here..

  (506) posted on 12.12.2010

wow it looks kinda cute, small but has a competitive performance, specially the paint job is not that boring because if the futuristic design and looks of the car.

  (798) posted on 12.9.2010

agree, the car looks aggressive and menacing, I hope it can perform well as it looks like. to be honest I really know nothing about the Taasiya but it looks great does it?

  (460) posted on 12.9.2010

dang that looks cool. its design represents the technology we have and how mordern the world is. to be honest I looks more like a futuristic car.

  (69) posted on 12.9.2010

If you think this is like an Audi TT than you must agree that it’s so much cooler than any of the Audi cars, even considering the prototypes smiley

  (151) posted on 12.9.2010

The back looks imspired from Audi TT, actually it looks like a mad Audi TT, or like a pissed off rooster dressed in Audi clothes. However I think the front is to raised and the visibility from the car is limited from because of this.

  (111) posted on 12.9.2010

Not exactly a road car. At least not for the roads that I know. Anyway good to see this awesome Taasiya T2 concept!

  (73) posted on 12.9.2010

This is probably the most awesome car that I’ve seen all year! Looking forward to see more of this beauty!

  (433) posted on 12.8.2010

yeah it looks great and aggressive, i hope this baby can smoked the number 1 expensive car in the world.

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