• Taiwanese Supercar Tuner Zacoe Just Released Package For The Ferrari F8 Tributo

Too bad the package is just visual

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Supercar tuning companies have produced some truly wild creations over the years. The RUF Yellowbird was one of the first examples to make waves around the world when the iconic video of the modified Porsche 911 drifting its way around the Nurburgringwas released. Ever since, supercar tuners have sprung up all over the place, trying to squeeze even more performance from some of the most dynamically capable cars on Earth.

Taiwanese Supercar Tuner Zacoe Just Released Package For The Ferrari F8 Tributo
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A good deal of them manage to get significant power upgrades from just a small number of modifications, like Manhart. Of course, some are more dedicated to making certain models look more attention-grabbing, such as Mansory.

Taiwanese tuner Zacoe tends to fall into the latter category of tuners, at least they did with their new carbon fiber body kit for the Ferrari F8 Tributo. The main design ethos behind the new body kit was to work with the stock Ferrari styling of the F8 Tributo, not build it up to the point it barely looks like a car anymore. Apparently, there are legitimate upgrades to the aerodynamics as Zacoe said on Instagram "ZACOE F8 Tributo is all about creating a harmony in silhouette with Ferrari’s original design language, evolving already extreme aerodynamics to the level of motorsports."

Taiwanese Supercar Tuner Zacoe Just Released Package For The Ferrari F8 Tributo
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The rear modifications are a new swan neck spoiler and a large gaping diffuser.

However, they have not provided specific figures in regards to the aerodynamic changes. The kit has presumably not technically gone into production yet as all the images on Zacoe’s website and social media are only in the form of digital renderings.
Anyway, the front end has been modified with a three-piece front splitter that has been modeled after an F-35 fighter jet as well as an extension for the hood vent.

New side skirts have also been added, and the rear features a swan-neck spoiler that sits above a gaping and aggressive rear diffuser with extra flaps and wings attached. While Zacoe did not explicitly say they would include new wheels or suspension tweaks, the renderings clearly show aftermarket rims and seemingly lowered suspension. Unfortunately, Zacoe does not offer any power upgrades to complement its aesthetic work.

Taiwanese Supercar Tuner Zacoe Just Released Package For The Ferrari F8 Tributo
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This kit means Zacoe will now compete with body kit extraordinaires Mansory.

Zacoe has also done a similar project with the Ferrari 488 GTB, which it named ChiTu, that even shared the same swan-neck rear spoiler as their kit for the F8 Tributo.

One could argue this is one of, if not the best-looking aftermarket body kits for the F8 Tributo. It is certainly the most basic. Zacoe competes with Mansory, which has a history of releasing less than gorgeous body kits for various exotics, as well as Novitec and Manhart, which both place more emphasis on the performance aspect than on the visual modifications.

Source: Zacoe

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