Is the Drako GTE worth the $1.3 million price tag, though?

It can reach a top speed of 206 mph, it uses four permanent-magnet electric motors and it packs 1200 horsepower and 6000+ pound-feet of torque. This, ladies and gents is the Drako GTE. We know you’ve read the specs and devoured the official pictures, but the GTE is ever-surprising. Let’s check out Vehicle Virgins’ latest video of the lightning quick Drako GTE.

The most stunning thing about the GTE is its ability to adapt

Through a super-smart, super-complicated software that probably gulped down miles of code, the Drako GTE’s brain can vary torque at each wheel individually, every ten milliseconds.

The changes take into account several variables, like wheel speed, steering and accelerator angle, also brake angle and slip angle. That’s a lot of angles, for sure, but reading these factors is essential for the car to ‘know’ where the driver wants to go and how he wants to do it before triggering torque vectoring to make it happen.

Take a 20-Minute Vacation With the 2020 Drako GTE
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It’s not all about performance, though. The car lacks door handles. Instead, access inside the cockpit is done via a touch sensor - once pressed, if it recognizes the fingerprint, it will unlock the car. Pretty much like Touch ID on your iPhone.

Cool stuff aside, when asked about how long it takes for the GTE’s 90-kWh battery pack to charge, Drako Motors EVP Shiv Sikand didn’t actually provide an estimate charging time, but instead said “we [Drako] can maintain those charge rates for extreme periods of time at 150 kW from about eight to 90 percent.” Normally, that would mean a charging time of around 40 minutes, unless the car’s electrical system and the aforementioned software dictate otherwise, for some reason.

Take a 20-Minute Vacation With the 2020 Drako GTE
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As for the Tesla-killer headline, well, that’s just for clickbait purposes. At $1.3 million, the Drako GTE can’t even be compared to a Model S or a Model 3. Heck, the price tag is six times what you’d pay for a Taycan Turbo S, so there’s that.

Take a 20-Minute Vacation With the 2020 Drako GTE
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Drako GTE Performance Specifications
Powertrain  Four permanent magnet hybrid synchronous motors (225 kW each)
Transmission  Four direct drive gearboxes
Reduction Ratio  5.56:1
Horsepower  1,200 hp
Wheel Torque  6,500 ft-lbs / 8,880 NM
Top Speed  206 mph
Battery Energy  90 kWh
Battery Voltage  450V
Battery Amperage  2200A peak / 1800A continuous
Battery Cooling  Massively parallel cooling architecture
AC Charging  15 kW with onboard charger
DC Fast Charging  150 kW
Charging Protocols Compatible with current widely available EV charging infrastructure: J1772, CCS, Chademo
Track Package Battery Track optimized battery
Suspension  Öhlins TTX 36
Track Edition Suspension Öhlins four-way adjustable track suspension
Brakes  Brembo Carbon Ceramic
Front Brakes:  6 piston caliper, 395 mm x 36 mm carbon ceramic rotor
Rear Brakes:  4 piston caliper, 395 mm x 32 mm carbon ceramic rotor
Wheels Road Package:  21 inch monoblock forged one piece wheels
Wheels Track Package:  20 inch lightweight three piece forged wheels
Tires Road Package:  Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires (Front: 295/30/21; Rear: 315/30/21)
Tires Track Package:  Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires (Front: 285/35/20;Rear: 305/30/20)
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