It’s so rare that it makes up just 25-percent of the original models produced

Still in production after 11 years, the current R35 GT-R is the fastest and most powerful of its kind. However, it’s not the rarest and definitely not the most valuable. Nissan built quite a few special runs of the Skyline GT-R in the past, but very few of them are as exclusive as the HKS Zero-R.

Based on the R32, arguably the most iconic generation of the Skyline GT-R (1989-1994), the Zero-R was developed by HKS, a Japanese company known for producing automotive aftermarket and accessory parts, as well as having sponsored Nissan’s motorsports entries in the early 1990s. HKS produced the Zero-R around the same time when the R32 became known as "Godzilla" due to its massive success on the race track, but only four left the company’s factory.

Pretty much a bespoke, high-performance road car, the Zero-R never took off as a production model, mainly because HKS found the homologation process to be too expensive.

As a result, the company kept three of them in Japan and sold the fourth car, seen in this video, to the Sultan of Brunei. The two-door was eventually sold to another owner in Brunei, but it was since fitted with a newer engine from the R34 generation. Rated at 600 horsepower, the turbocharged inline-six makes this Zero-R just as powerful as a modern GT-R Nismo.

Take a Detailed Video Tour of a Very Rare Nissan Skyline R32 HKS Zero-R
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Although HKS eventually built another six Zero-Rs in 2005, the four initial cars remain the most sought after. Actually, with three of them retained in Japan, the version shown here is the only one that can be purchased. Given the owner wants to part ways with his rare car, that is. Too bad he ditched the original engine though.

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