• Take This Rare Opportunity To See The Pagani Huayra R On The Track

And by rare we actually mean fake

Pagani’s Huayra R, the car that’s supposed to be the swan song for the Huayra supercar is an 838-horsepower, V-12-powered track jewel. But for some reason, Pagani decided that’s it’s for the best to reveal the R using 3D animation and not the rear car. Which is lame.

Take This Rare Opportunity To See The Pagani Huayra R On The Track
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Let’s recap for some context. Each one of the just 30 Huayra R units Pagani plans to build is going to a very lucky (also filthy rich) customer for at least $3.1 million.

Each one of those packs a normally-aspirated, 6.0-liter V-12 engineered and built by Mercedes’ HWA arm, the same that produces components and engines for AMG.

Pagani Huayra R specifications
Engine 6.0-Liter
Horsepower 838 HP
Torque 553LB-FT
0-60 MPH 3.0 Seconds (est)
Top Speed 240 MPH (est)
Take This Rare Opportunity To See The Pagani Huayra R On The Track
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And each one is underpinned by the same fancy carbon-titanium structure first employed in the Huayra Roadster BC.

So, I can’t help but ask: what’s with the lame video, Pagani?

Even more coming from a company that’s been appreciated and revered for its boutique-like manufacturing style, known for crafting its elegant supercars with the utmost taste, using real people to put together each unit - not robots or machines - which eventually attains work of art status.

Take This Rare Opportunity To See The Pagani Huayra R On The Track
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It doesn’t help either that the video posted by Pagani Automobili on YouTube has "the Pagani Huayra R in its natural element" as title. That’s misleading, let’s at least agree to that. Yes, it shows what looks like the Imola circuit and the whole medium for which the Huayra R has been developed and built. But it has the wrong car.

That Huayra R is not real, it’s just an animated model. In fact, it makes the whole video look like it’s been cut straight out of a video game, and if this is not Pagani’s subtle way of announcing a partnership with a racing franchise or a game developer, then we’ve got just one word for it. Lame.

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