Much like its Italian counterpart Fiat, Tata seems to be going against the trend these days by purchasing as many car brands as it can possibly acquire. After having bought Jaguar and Land Rover, the Indian-based manufacturer is already lining up a package to purchase Pininfarina.

The Italian coachbuilder’s parent company, Pincar, recently put its 50.7% stake in the company out on the market and has even hired a bank to field prospective buyers. It seems like an odd pairing but that’s also what everybody said when word spread about Tata’s intent to purchase two luxury British brands in Jaguar and Land Rover – and we all know how that turned out.

Besides, it’s not like Tata and Pininfarina have no history together. If you might recall, the coachbuilders from the land of pizza were the ones who designed the Prima, Tata’s concept car, which appeared at the Geneva Motor Show a few months ago. If Tata does end up purchasing Pininfarina, it only shows that the Indian car makers are poised to become – if they’re not already – serious players in the auto industry for many years to come.


Source: Channel 4

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