It wasn’t that long ago when Tata Motors raised a lot of eyebrows when it purchased Jaguar and Land Rover, two struggling brands that were in bad need of resuscitation. For a while, it seemed like the purchase was going to backfire on the folks from India. It certainly didn’t help when the two British brands reported losses in excess of $1 billion last year while Tata also dealing with losses of over half a billion by themselves.

But now, thanks in part to the strong showing of the Jaguar XF and XJ series and recent news that Land Rover is set to increase production due to forecasts of strong demand for its Discover and Range Rover Sport SUVs, it’s looking like Tata is beginning to show everyone precisely why they bought these two brands in the first place.

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The surprisingly high demand for the two Land Rover SUVs has brought a measure of good fortune to Tata and its production employees - most of who have been facing an uncertain future for months now since the company decided to implement shortened hours in an effort to cut costs.

But with the demand for the Discover and the Range Rover Sport continuously increasing, Tata has given the ‘go’ signal for its production employees to resume their regular five-day work weeks.

We don’t want to get too cliché-ish on this but we’ll make an exception this one time. In this case, good things do happen to those who wait.

Source: WhatCar

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