• Taxi driver brakes world speed record?

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If you have been a taxi driver your entire life and you had to drive each day at 50 km/h, you have to admit that the days are starting to become quite boring.

And what do you do to get rid of the boring? Easy, speed up when you have a chance to. Up to 100 mph, 150, this is normal, but when you got a ticket for speed and on the ticket it says 420 mph, when you might say you have just broke the world speed record.

Tom Matthews, a 38 years old taxi driver, who spends his days on the Cardiff Road in his Vauxhall "Cavalier" from 1995 received a ticket saying that he was driving with 420 mph in a 30 mph zone. But, although it sounds tempting, all was a mistake made by an employee.

"I was a bit shocked because there was no way I was going that fast. I was just driving along Cardiff Road at 2.20 in the morning and the camera went off. I drive down there about three or five times a day maybe."

Here is a scan of the ticket

Taxi driver brakes world speed record?
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