Pay as you drive in Tennessee

What will the taxes be for drivers in Tennessee? There is talk of pay as you drive!

Taxing times ahead for Tennessee drivers.

We all know the story, we pay our taxes and expect in return services, like any other transaction if you pay for something you expect to receive something back, it is only natural and this would include taxes, there is probably no one around who actually likes to pay tax, yet we do because what would happen if we were left to our own devices? There would be chaos and suffering.

Yet there are many City Halls struggling to keep the standards demanded by people, not because they are incompetent, quite simply they do not have enough money coming in to cover the costs of all the services that they provide, so what do they do now? It is a forgone conclusion that no City Hall is going raise taxes unless they are completely suicidal or forced to, the only other way is to save money, this would involve either cutting services or laying people off, neither of which is practical or desirable.

The up keep of roads is of a serious concern and it is here where the taxing changes are more likely to be implemented, but how is this to be done? As mentioned earlier no one wants to put direct taxes up even by a small amount, therefore it will fall upon the drivers of vehicles to put their hands in their pockets and fork out the necessary cash in order to keep the cars moving on the roads, once again it will be us car drivers who have to pay out.

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  (780) posted on 10.12.2010

In Oklahoma, if a community revenues are more than 50% from Traffic Tickets it’s illegal.

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