Whatever you do, don’t try an early apex approach

In racing and rallying alike the difference is made in the twisty bits. This time around, Team O’Neil Rally School teaches you what are the benefits of the traditional racing line through a corner, why you should also try late-apexing turns and why early apexes are a no-go.

Want to improve the way you drive on the track or more looser surfaces like those on a rally stage? Check out this video by Team O’Neil Rally School that teaches you all you need to know about negotiating turns. Once you improve your technique through the corners, you’ll start noticing your times tumble down pretty quickly on the track or if you tackle rally stages.

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Why it matters

As Colin McRae once said, "straight roads are for fast cars, turns are for fast drivers." Learning how to properly negotiate the bends around a race track is crucial in maximizing your and your car’s potential during a track day, an autocross event or a race of any kind.

In this video, you’ll learn why you should never try the early apex approach on any kind of surface, even on the grippiest of tarmacs on a road course, and why, on looser surfaces, the late apex approach is the safest.

While these tips and tricks aren't really useful on the highway or in the inner cities, they might come in handy when you have to take the back roads or to tackle some loose surfaces.

You must also remember that the way you take a corner is also influenced by the type of car you’re driving. If you have underneath you a slower piece of kit that is relying heavily on momentum driving, which basically means applying as little input through the steering as possible and maintaining the speed as much as you can through the turns, taking a late apex might not be ideal all the time. Meanwhile, if you have a powerful car which has no problem getting up to speed again, it’s advisable to go for the late apex approach, thus sacrificing some speed on the exit of the corner, because it’s the safest way around on dirt or snow.

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