• Team O’Neil Rally School Gives a Brief Lesson on How To Execute a Pendulum Turn: Video

Gettin’ sideways like a boss

In theory, getting a car sideways is a relatively simple endeavor, right? Turn the wheel, mash the throttle, and counter-steer your way to glory - easy enough! Well, as you might imagine, the reality is a little different. Most cars are setup to understeer in a corner, which means if you overcook it on the entry, you’re going headfirst into whatever is planted on the periphery. Luckily, there are numerous techniques to fix this problem, including something called the “Pendulum Turn,” as explained by Team O’Neil Rally School in this brief sub-3-minute video.

In case you were unaware, Team O’Neil Rally School is one of the top racing schools in the country. Nestled in the mountains of New Hampshire, the school offers a plethora of courses that cover the art and science of shredding terra, and this video is a decent brief on just one of the techniques taught.

Alternately called a Scandinavian Flick, the Pendulum Turn is used to load up a car’s suspension with the weight of the body on one side before pivoting it all to the other side, breaking traction over the rear end and rotating the car in the process. It’s a pretty common technique used throughout motorsport, including ice racing, drifting, and of course, rally racing, and the folks at O’Neil do a good job explaining the basics in such a brief amount of time.

Of course, it should go without saying - if you plan on trying a Pendulum Turn for yourself, make sure it’s in a safe environment, as mastering this technique is certainly no simple feat. Assume you’re gonna muck it up and avoid the tears. Stay safe out there, people!

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