When you look at a tuned up car from afar, one of the first things that will catch your attention, apart from the front end, are the wheels that they come in. While most people will associate custom wheels as an accessory or a (car) fashion statement, they do have a far more important purpose than just aesthetic improvements.

With that in mind, world famous Porsche tuners TechArt are releasing a new set of 20-inch lightweight forged center-lock wheels they’re calling the ‘TechArt Formula Race” wheels. Coming two sizes for both front axle and one for the rear axle - 8.5J x 20 ET 40 and 8.5J x 20 ET 52 for the front axle and 12J x 20 ET 50 for the rear axle – the new TechArt wheels are based on the lighter twin spokes series rims and are connected through a centerlock. These wheels are 10% lighter than the firm’s “TechArt Formula III” forged wheel and 25% lighter compared to a standard alloy wheel.

The TechArt Formula Race wheels come in titanium gray matte, or if you’re in the mood for some color-coordination, you can have them do the wheels in an individual matched custom color to match the color of your Porsche.


Source: TechArt

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  (345) posted on 04.6.2011

Reskinning will take a long time before it will be used again for the race. It doesn’t mean that it looks ugly but I know Porsche is a one of a true kind sports race car.

  (745) posted on 11.26.2010

The look of the Panamera just cannot be salvaged. Unless the car was totally reskinned, preferably with the help of an Italian design house, this will always is a lost case. And why on earth would TechArt choose white for this car, makes it look even more bulbous.

  (780) posted on 11.23.2010

I really love this Porsche, I think I fell in-love with its spoilers.

  (341) posted on 11.22.2010

Also, I’m sure they could have done a better job on the paint where you can discernibly notice the difference between factory and booth painting.

  (442) posted on 11.19.2010

that’s definitely so true..those wheels and front end area extremely gorgeous..Techart is pretty awesome!

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