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Recently PRNewswire created a list of things you absolutely need to have in our car. The list is probably for US residents. I will try to make a list for Europe. Better more for eastern Europe.

According to the list they made, the following are necessary:

· American Map

· Umbrella

· Pen

· Flashlight

· First Aid Kit

· Tire Gauge

· Sunglasses (C’mon…!!!)

· Lip Balm (Are they for real?)

· Air freshener

· Candy bar (probably the most necessary ingredient)


Well… I refuse to accept their ideas. Who the hell needs a sunglasses, a candy bar, lip balm, etc?

I will make a list. And I will comment on every item and its necessity to be in the car


  • A baseball bat/ mace/ stun gun/ or any other contraption that can make a potential aggressor feel pain. Due to the rising criminal percentage it is necessary that you have some means to defend your self in case you get cornered in gas station or in a rig parking zone.

  • You honestly don’t need an umbrella! If you buy a Skoda Superb, umbrella is a stock option. Try hitting someone with an umbrella!

  • I agree with the first aid kit, but it would be better to also bring a small size fire extinguisher and some spare light bulbs and a baseball bat.

  • They mentioned the Pen invocating that all drivers are businessmen. Well not all drivers are… If indeed you are one try keeping it in suit. Instead of the pen in the car, I might wanna consider the advantages of having a baseball bat.

    Ten Top Things You must have in your car! Alvarez version
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    this might work!
  • Flashlights can create pain also. If they are long, heavy and have some custom made spikes on it. Better a baseball bat, but that’s just me.

  • Along with tire gauge a wheel wrench is necessary. You may never know…

  • I’ll try to wrap three bullet paragraphs in this one. They say you need sunglasses, lip balm and a candy bar. In their opinion these are need to have items in every day traffic. Let’s say sunglasses are ok. I consider them useless. There is a big piece of cloth with an optional mirror on it, on the roof of the car, just above the steering wheel. Try pulling it down! It’s a miracle! The sun doesn’t blind you anymore! Than they have a candy bar invoking as argument the fact that you might drive a lot and don’t have time to stop to eat. Well, my disappointed readers, you can try this. In the summer. When it’s 40 degrees in the car. Think of liquid mixtures will be hidden behind the aluminum foil. And last but not least Lip Balm. If you want your lips to shine, try asking a friend/family member/neighbor/total stranger to hit you in the mouth with ... you’ve guessed it… the baseball bat(seen above in paragraphs 1,2,3,5 that it is necessary to have)

  • There is also some thing I agree with… the Air freshener. That indeed is something useful.

The moral, my friends, is that it is necesary to have something to protect yourself, without beeing outside the law. Do not be agressive and most of all do not try to intimidate other drivers in traffic. This article was only written just to make you laugh. At least .. a little smile. If not .. than I’ve fialed :)

What do you think?
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  (6023) posted on 10.6.2006

you’re good. really good. u made me laugh.
keep it going smiley
oh ya. one more question. what kind of baseball bat should i use? a BIG one or the small one should do the trick.Never mind. I know the ANSWER. =))
5 stars for your article. (Y)

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