Terrafugia to display proof of Transition Roadable vehicle

Terrafugia to display proof of Transition Roadable vehicle
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Drive to your local airport, fly up to 400 miles, land, convert, and drive directly to your
destination. Converting from road to flight mode requires a few simple commands in the cockpit. Transform back to a street legal vehicle without having to leave your seat.

This "flying car" could revolutionize the daily commute of recreational pilots. When folded in for driving, the Transition can fit into a standard garage. As a car, it is road worthy, even being able to reach highway speeds. The bumpers on the Transition are designed to be functional while aerodynamic. Safety cage, crumple zones, and a full vehicle parachute are also built into the design.

In the air the Transition flies like a general aviation aircraft. The Transition Roadable Light-Sport Aircraft seats two and is expected to have a 460 mile range with a fuel consumption of 30 mpg at a cruise speed of over 100 mph in the air. This would allow owners to have better access and use of over 5000 public airports all over the United States.

First flight of the Transition Proof of Concept is on schedule for the end of 2008. Production airframe reservations are currently being held with refundable deposits.

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  (520) posted on 07.17.2008

i hope to see a video with that test flight, but i don’t think that vehicle will be a succes!

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