The Cybertruck is the most anticipated vehicle from Musk’s company to date

The Cybertruck (or CYBRTRK) is the hottest topic in the auto industry today. The truck has constantly been in news; be it when the 300,000-pound ‘revelation’ was made, when the name was unveiled, or when the reveal date was announced.

All these things have helped the Cybertruck remain in the news constantly. And now, we have official data to back that up. Folks at dug a bit and, according to Google Trends Data, the Cybertruck is Tesla’s most anticipated product to date. Did anyone have a doubt about it? We don’t think so.

Everyone Is Talking About Musk’s Best Kept Secret - The Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck Is All The Rage Right Now; Even Google Trends Data Confirms It
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On one hand, you have pickup trucks. On the other hand, you have Tesla. Americans like both of them. So, combine them both and you can expect the roof to be blown away. Now it’s being said that the Cybertruck as garnered more interest ahead of launch than any other Tesla product. The details are scarce on this and I’m not sure if the online viewership was factored in because the data even traces back to 2006.

Here are the launch dates of all of Tesla’s products:

Roadster July 19th, 2006
Model S March 26th, 2009
Model X February 9th, 2012
Model 3 March 31st, 2016
Tesla Semi November 16th, 2017
Model Y March 14th, 2019
Tesla Cybertruck November 21st, 2019

The Electric Vehicle Awareness Is Still Largely Scarce

Tesla Cybertruck Is All The Rage Right Now; Even Google Trends Data Confirms It
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When Ford released its electric F-150’s towing prowess video, the internal Ford metrics indicated that the interest in the idea of an electric pickup jumped to 18 percent among respondents. Prior to the video that the Blue Oval released, this figure was hovering around the 10 percent mark. The company said its studies show that 42 percent of Americans think electric vehicles need gasoline to run. Yes, that clearly shows electric vehicles are not mainstream yet. On the same lines, searched for geotagged Twitter data about electric pickup trucks as a general topic. About 25,000 tweets were taken into consideration and here’s a list of states that have shown the highest interest in these electric beasts:

1. Colorado
2. Michigan
3. Oregon
4. Wisconsin
5. Ohio
6. Indiana
7. Pennsylvania
8. Georgia
9. Arizona
10. Nevada

The Demand-Supply Equilibrium Is Messed Up

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There is a lot of interest from the Midwest and the area is also reportedly buying pickup trucks regularly. With all the interest, you can naturally assume that the demand will be at its peak. This is a big problem that needs to be addressed soon otherwise the Cybertruck will not be here for another three to four years. Take Ford itself, for instance. TheMustang Mach-E’s production is capped at just 50,000 examples in the first year due to battery constraints. Given all the hype of the Tesla truck combined with all this data, it’ll be interesting to see how Tesla will handle the demand.

In all likelihood, the Cybertruck will be built at Tesla’s Fremont factory.

The company recently announced that its new Chinese Gigafactory has received the license to mass-produce the Model 3. Then, there’s one coming up in Berlin very soon. Does it mean the Fremont factory will solely cater to the Cybertruck? We’ll have to wait until the launch to hear about it.

Final Thoughts

Tesla has a very strong fan following, and the same is seen even in social media. A recent report by Electrek revealed that the Tesla Cybertruck is the most talked-about truck on Twitter, even overtaking the company that has been dominating the pickup scene for over four decades, the Ford F-150. Need I say anything more? In fact, Tesla’s shares have been soaring at an all-time high, a bit of which can be credited to the Cybertruck’s hype as well.

In the third quarter of 2019, analysts expected losses of 42 cents per share. However, Tesla reported earnings of $1.86 per share, much to everyone’s surprise. Musk owns 22 percent of Tesla’s stock which spiked by nearly 24 percent in the last week of October, and a month later, it is still touching new heights. This increased Musk’s net worth by $2 billion, to $22.9 billion, making him the 21st richest person in America.

With the launch of the Cybertruck, expect Tesla to elevate to a whole new level in all aspects; unless the truck turns out to be all pomp and no substance. What are you expecting from the Tesla Cybertruck’s launch tomorrow? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


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