• Tesla Cybertruck Reveal – Performance Expectations and Specs

Will the Tesla Cybertruck live up to Elon Musk’s promises?

The Tesla Cybertruck is scheduled to make its debut at 8pm PST \ 11pm EST on Friday November 21, 2019 and, since it’s less than 48 hours away, it’s time to look at our expectations of what is, arguably, the most anticipated debut of 2019. Let’s take a brief look at towing capacity, range, performance, and utility.

Tesla Cybertruck Towing Capacity

Musk has come right out and said that the Tesla Cybertruck will be able to tow an outrageous 300,000 pounds. How this is possible (outside of the impressive torque of electric motors) is a mystery. This means the Cybertruck needs to be built on an excessively strong chassis. As a point of comparison, the Ford F-150 can tow 13,200 pounds when properly equipped, while the Chevy Silverado can pull 12,200 pounds, and the Ram 1500 can pull 12,750 pounds. Ford’s electric F-150 prototype (shown in the video below) pulled more than one million pounds, but there’s not even a hint toward a debut date or official ratings for that.

Tesla Cybertruck Range

There’s no official word on battery size or range, but we do know that the Model X experiences a serious drop in range when towing. The Cybertruck needs to avoid this if it’s going to be taken seriously on the truck market. Musk has promised a 400-500 mile range “option,” but it could potentially go higher, especially when not towing. To achieve this, however, we believe that the Cybertruck will have to make use of the same 200 kWh battery that’s set to be offered in the new Tesla Roadster – it’s good for an alleged max range 620 miles. As a comparison, the Tesla Model S has a max range of 373 miles, while the Model 3 can go 322 miles, and the Model X maxes out at 328 miles.

Tesla Cybertruck Motors and Suspension

Elon Musk promises us that the Cybertruck will have dynamic self-adjusting suspension that will automatically adjust for whatever weight is loaded on the truck in the bed or via trailer hitch. The whole point of this is to keep the truck level, but it could also provide amazing ride quality with the right programming. The Cybertruck is said to feature a dual-motor configuration with “all-wheel drive and crazy torque,” but now that Rivian has come out and said that the R1T would feature four motors Tesla maybe go with a one-motor-per-wheel application. On the plus side, this would allow the Cybertruck to literally turn in place, much like a tank – If Musk has realized that, you can bet the deal is already sealed.

Tesla Cybertruck Power Outlets – 240V

Naturally, Tesla fanboys are going to be all over the Cybertruck. After all, we’re talking about a Tesla with true utilitarian nature. However, if it’s actually going to be successful in competing with models like the Ford F-150 and Ram 1500, then it must be equal or better when it comes to usability as a work truck. One of the big selling points is going to be the 240-volt outlets that musk claims will let you use “high-power tools in the field all day. No generator needed.” Now, if you can use high-powered tools all day and still make it home without recharging the big three U.S. truck makers might be in serious trouble.

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