Believe it or not, this may very soon become a reality

There’s no stopping Elon Musk. After successfully venturing into cars, hyperloops, tunnels, and rockets, he is now planning to build e-bikes as well. Speaking to Recode Decode, Musk hinted that Tesla would probably get into the e-bikes market, which is growing exponentially in the U.S.

The Statement That Could Change The Whole Ball-Game

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In the past, Musk has made it clear that the company would never build electric bikes or scooters ever, but looks like he is now interested in electric bicycles. “Electric bike, I think we might do an electric bike, yeah”, he said.

Manufacturing In The U.S. Is Not Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

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Even though Trump has imposed a 25-percent tariff on e-bikes imported from China, the market for these convenient two-wheelers is growing every year in the States. Americans use e-bikes for commuting to work, as well as for recreation. Despite this, there is no company that manufactures e-bikes in the U.S, no is there one with plans to move the manufacturing here either. The skilled labor and the factory costs are quite high here, so no existing player could afford it right now. However, for a company like Tesla, which has the financial and R&D resources, it would be a viable move. That is why Tesla getting into the electric bicycle market could be a game-changing move.

Things Have Been Static, But Could Change Forever

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Electric bicycles are not what they used to be earlier. When the segment was ‘invented’, e-bikes used to be regular bikes with motors and batteries attached to them. The newer designs also rely on the same principle, but they pleasinghetically pleasant with sleeker cables and body parts, to go with well-integrated motors and batteries. But this doesn’t mean that the e-bikes have gotten lighter by any means. In terms of technology, there hasn’t been any breakthrough or drastic change in the last four-to-five years. Only the gears have become slightly stronger and durable, and the mid-drive motors are fractionally lighter and get more torque.

The Leader Of Innovations

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Knowing Tesla, it’s speculated that they will revolutionize the way e-bikes are made. Perhaps, add batteries that have a longer life, motors could get smaller, or even fitted inside the frame! Tesla Superchargers could give the e-bikes the power nap they need. How about making them foldable to take along with your longer daily commute? Why not offer a loyalty bonus for existing Tesla car owners or include one as a package deal with a new Tesla? Regenerative braking is another option. The possibilities are endless.

Tons Of Opportunities

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From a larger perspective, Tesla could introduce rental e-bikes as well. Musk recently announced his intentions to take on Uber and Lyft; so, we could see the same strategy being implemented here as well. With Tesla’s ever-growing charging stations infrastructure, these e-bikes could become a massive hit in a short span of time.

Final Thoughts

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Although it seems like a random statement, Musk saying this cannot be taken lightly. He is known to make big announcements very casually or through a tweet. Musk and Tesla were recently fined for $20 million each for a ‘misleading’ tweet. In fact, he said the tweet was “Worth it”. What a cool guy Musk is. When Recode Decode asked about his without-a-second-thought tweets and twitter use, he replied, “What’s Twitter?” Anyway, coming to the point, Tesla will be super successful if they enter this segment. Who knows, maybe the company has started working on it already! Whatever it is, we are intrigued by this idea and will stay glued till it reaches a logical conclusion. What are your thoughts on a probable Tesla electric bicycle? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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