tesla finally gives early model 3 owners a radio and a trip odometer

Its time to right a few wrongs, don’t you think?
by Robert Moore, on December 6, 2017, 16:00

The Tesla Model 3 has already been criticized for being pretty basic, but the biggest criticism it got was that there was no GM radio and no odometer – two basic features that have been around for decades in every car produced. Well, with standard over-the-air updates, Tesla has finally added a trip odometer and FM radio. Whether or not these were originally intended to be paid options in the future, or simply overlooked remains to be seen, and even sounds a little absurd to have to question, but they are now considered standard equipment, which makes the latest OTA and win-win. In addition to these two features, the OTA update also brings in new apps that providing information on energy consumption and tire pressure monitoring. And, it also gets the “easy entry and exit” feature found on the Tesla Model S and Model X.

Remember, current Model 3 owners are, for the most part, Tesla employees or “members of the family” that were able to purchase early examples in order to give near-immediate feedback, but customer deliveries are expected to kick off by the turn of the year. Customers who will receive initial deliveries in the coming weeks should expect somewhat routine updates that will continue to add features and software honing over the next year or so at the least.


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