Even the trucks can’t handle the transports properly

Norway may be home to the biggest volume of Tesla owners in the world, but if you ask the automaker, it might also be home to the world’s largest number of dangerous truck drivers. That’s largely the reason why Tesla is slowing down deliveries in its biggest market per capita because, according to reports, the company has had serious issues delivering its vehicles because the trucks that are being used to deliver the cars to their dealerships are either incapable of doing so or have negligent drivers behind the wheel.

The problem is apparently a big one for Tesla. According to multiple media reports in Norway, over half a dozen of the trucks Tesla uses to transport its cars to dealerships have been stopped by local authorities for a myriad of safety reasons. The only one that wasn’t stopped ended up in an accident that ended up with a pair of Model S units getting crushed on the trailer. Crazy, right?

In response to this growing number of incidences, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to — where else? — Twitter to announced that the company is slowing down deliveries in one of its biggest markets in the world. “It is clear that we are exceeding the local logistics capacity due to batch build and delivery. Customer happiness & safety matter more than a few extra cars this quarter,” Musk added.

The difficulty in finding competent transporters that comply to Norway’s road and safety requirements has reached a point that, according to Tesla spokesperson in the country, the company is already in talks with the Norwegian Trucking Federation to “help find other suppliers that have the capacity for our volume.” It doesn’t help that on top of the issues it’s facing with its transporters, Tesla is also using transporters that operate Euro 3 class trucks, which happen to emit the most pollution among all cargo trucks.

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The good news is that there have been no reports of injuries or deaths on any of the road mishaps involving these trucks.

The good news is that there have been no reports of injuries or deaths on any of the road mishaps involving these trucks. That said, the timing of Musk’s announcement couldn’t have come at a worse time for Tesla as the company is in the middle of its end-of-the-quarter delivery run. If this pushes through, expect the numbers to reflect on Tesla’s next quarterly report. Fortunately, Tesla is on its way to posting one of its best sales months in Norway after reliving almost 1,000 vehicles with just a few days left in the month. That figure represents a staggering 300 percent increase over its deliveries in the same period last year.

Hopefully, this issue is addressed sooner than later. It’s one thing not to have the capacity to meet the demand of customers. It’s another thing for the supply to be compromised before they can reach their destinations.


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