The more impressive videos showing what the Tesla Model S can do tend to show it traveling in a straight line. That makes sense, because the instant torque produced by the electric motors is good for drag racing. But heavy battery packs and electronic nannies that step in to prevent you from having too much fun for any sort of prolonged period mean that just about anything other than drag racing has usually been out of the question. And while a lack of Nurburgring lap times for the Model S might continue to be a problem, we can say that someone has successfully managed some pretty decent drifting in one.

The video comes from Japan, where driver Nobuteru Taniguchi manages to get the car sideways and even to produce a respectable amount of tire smoke. Unfortunately, if the car has been modified in order to produce these results, we don’t know what those modifications were. It doesn’t quite drift like an old Silvia does, but this is likely to be the best drifting you’ve seen from a pure electric car so far.
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Tesla Model S

2015 Tesla Model S High Resolution Exterior
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