If someone had told you up to a decade ago that in 2014 there will be a mass-produced premium sedan that runs purely on electric current, offers seating for seven (5+2), has two luggage compartments, looks as elegant as a Maserati and can not only keep up with, but can actually beat a V-12 Ferrari in a drag race, would you have believed him? I know I wouldn’t have, but the following video will prove that everything above is both true and terrifying at the same time.

We chose the word "terrifying" because that is pretty much what this video seems to depict. At around the 37-second mark you will get the chance to see how a Ferrari 550 (or 575M Maranello) gets downright obliterated by a whirling 2015 Tesla Model S P85D. It is not exactly a fair race, obviously, with the Ferrari having between 485 horsepower and 508 horsepower (if standard), while the Tesla flagship makes good use of no less than 691 horsepower and all-wheel drive.

Either way, the results of the impromptu and short drag race are eye-popping, with the Tesla driver also mentioning in the video description that the unbelievable acceleration of the car actually made him order one for himself. As extra info, the guy doing the test drive is a young millionaire with a Lamborghini Aventador as his daily-driver, so the fact that he was blown away by the P85D’s acceleration only makes the whole situation even more spectacular.

The video description also mentions a short drag race between the guy’s Aventador and the Tesla, whose result is also a bit on the surprising side, as the Model S apparently was ahead of the Lamborghini up to around 50 to 60 mph, after which the Italian missile reeled in the electric sedan. Not bad for something that weighs as much as a large SUV and has a power source similar to your smartphone.

Tesla Model S P85D

2015 Tesla Model S P85D High Resolution Exterior
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Ferrari 550

1996 - 2001 Ferrari 550 Maranello High Resolution Exterior
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