We’re pretty sure this record will be broken soon

Tesla updated its Launch Mode recently and even introduced the ‘Cheetah Stance’ on the Model S and the Model X. The company sent out over-the-air updates for the same, but before it could be tested widely in the real world, the pandemic brought everything to a halt.

Now that things are slowly opening up, we have the first result in. A Model S Performance set a new quarter-mile record thanks to this update. The car in question completed the sprint in 10.45 seconds. How cool is that?

This Quarter-Mile Time Is On Par With What Tesla Recently Claimed

Tesla Model S Performance With The 'Cheetah Stance' Sets A New Quarter-Mile Record
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The car was driven by Aaron Dunne and it belongs to Everything Electric. The Model S did a series of runs at a drag strip in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Model S had over 90-percent of its battery and featured Arachnid wheels available as an option at Tesla. While it had many close runs, the best one came in 10.45 seconds with a top speed of 126.25 mph. This new record was achieved because of the Cheetah Stance.

In 2019, Tesla came up with a “Smart Adaptive Air Suspension” for the Model S and the Model X. The Cheetah Stance makes use of this wherein the front axle goes lower, the rear lifts up, and the car is launched with full power. The company even sent out an e-mail to the Model S Performance owners. It read:

“You asked for it. With our latest over-the-air software update to Model S Performance, we improved 0-60 acceleration to 2.3 seconds and quarter-mile time to 10.4 seconds. Go for more back-to-back runs with improved thermal endurance, and activate Launch Mode with a press of the pedals.”

Final Thoughts

Tesla Model S Performance With The 'Cheetah Stance' Sets A New Quarter-Mile Record
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Most of the time, owners have been able to achieve better timing than what Tesla has claimed. If not for the pandemic, we would’ve seen even faster sprints by now. As things open up and people take their cars to the tracks, it’ll be interesting to see how long it will take for this 10.45-second record to be broken. Tesla introduced a Track Package V2 a few months back for the Model 3. Something similar for the Model S should further help breach the barrier set by Tesla.

Do you think the Model S can get near the 10.2-second mark? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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