Tesla wants a piece of the bailout pie. It got a $40 million shot in the arm back in October, but now it thinks $350 is the magic number. The original plan was to be in full swing production of the Tesla Roadster by now, but only 100 of 1200 orders have been filled. Now Tesla is trying to entice Government aid by releasing more details on the next step, the Model S sedan.

Although the Roadsters are still in jeopardy, plans to start showing off the five-passenger sedan are still being announced. The Model S may be revealed within the next few months. It is rumored to do 0 to 60 mph in less than six seconds, while the range is 240 miles on a single charge. Tesla is believes that the sedan’s $57,499 price will provide a more everyday electric alternative to the $109,000 Roadster.

Will an electric for the people be enough to bring the Government on board? Time will tell, but the Model S’s planned debut in 2010 will put it against some stiff competition like the cheaper Chevy Volt.


Source: Global Motors

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  (43) posted on 12.14.2008

What makes the roadster so much more than the sedan, id still buy it over the volt!

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