• Tesla opens shop in Manhattan

We applaud Tesla for finally taking its cars to New York City but we can’t help but raise our eyebrows as to the location the company picked in the Big Apple to set up shop.

A day after Daimler announced that it sold a 4 percent stake in Tesla to an Abu Dhabi company; Tesla Motors officially opened its first dealership in New York City, joining its list of stores that include Menlo Park, Los Angeles and London, with Seattle and Chicago set to open soon.

While it’s a big step towards infiltrating the posh and sophisticated East Coast market, Tesla’s new store in New York isn’t found on Manhattan’s fabled auto row on 11th or Park Avenues, where a host of other top-of-the-line car makers including Ferrari and Mercedes are located.

Tesla, on the other hand, decided to pick the artsy district of Chelsea - West 25th street, to be exact -as the location for their latest showroom. Not exactly a hotbed for auto enthusiasts, is it?

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The showroom is in fact, a former art gallery and if you happen to pass by it, you’re more than likely to make a double take considering the entire area is full of these said galleries.

Nevertheless, who are we to second guess Tesla’s decision? The showroom actually looks pretty good and is in line with the whole theme of the area. It’s dressed more as a boutique than a traditional car dealership. So don’t expect to come in the store and just drive off with a new Tesla right off the bat. The boutique/showroom doesn’t have stock cars available but they do have some that would-be customers can test drive around the block. Should you wish to purchase yourself one of these bad boys - which, incidentally, costs around $101,500 – you’re going to have to place orders just like the rest of its customers.

Don’t worry; Tesla has a spotless record when it comes to delivering its vehicles. The company has said that it has sold 1,200 cars and has delivered 550 to 600 of them.

Source: New York Times

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